Thiết bị đo nồng độ bụi QAL 260 của hãng PCME-Anh Quốc

QAL 260 – measuring dust concentrations in Combustion, Incineration


The QAL 260 series is suitable for measuring dust concentrations in Combustion, Incineration and other industrial stacks and is compliant with EN 14181. Having a 0-15 mg/m³ certification range, the QAL 260 sensor can be used at low or high dust levels. Due to dynamic ranging, the sensor is also suitable for much higher dust levels found in Power, Cement and Metals smelting processes.

The sensor is available as a standalone version, the compact QAL 260c or the QAL 260s which is combined with a PCME Control Unit to provide either a standard single-channel system or a multi-channel PRO system for an extensible network (up to 32 sensors). Using a multiple-sensor system based on a ProController allows other sensors from the PCME range to be added (such as Gas Flow, Temperature and Pressure sensors) for Mass Emissions Monitoring, Bagfilter Management (using PCME’s Baghouse Performance sensors) or as part of a CEM system including Gas Analysers.

PCME’s ProScatter™ Backscatter technology measures the amount of light scattered back from particles in the stack illuminated by a modulated laser.


The QAL 260 is used to monitor emissions from the following types of applications:

  • Power Plant and Combustion Processes including:Coal fired power stationsGas/Oil fired power stationsRefinery boilers

    Biomass power plant

  • Chemical, Mineral and Metal processes where stack size greater than 2m
  • Non-condensing/dry flue gases*

*For wet/condensing flue gas applications see PCME VIEW 181 WS


Dust Measurement Range <1-500 mg/m³
Air Purge Requirement PCME supplied blower or suitably conditioned instrument air
Stack Diameters <1 – 10m
Stack Temperatures -20°C to 400°C



Sensor (260c variant)

260s (Sensor network variant)
includes PCME Standard or
PRO Control Units

316 Stainless Steel

IP65 Protection Rating

Power: 100 – 240V AC or 24V DC

Automatic Functionality Check

Air Purge Flow Sensor Option including optical shield for contamination minimisation

Flue Gas Temperature (at monitoring point):
0 – 250oC, option up to 400oC

Flue Gas Blocker (shutter) option

PRO Control Unit
1 – 32 Channels

IP65 Protection Rating

Power: 85 – 265V AC

Standard I/O:
2x RS-485 (Modbus RTU)
4x Relay outputs (3A @ 250V AC/24V DC, configurable)
4x 4-20mA outputs
4x Digital inputs (voltage free)
2x 4-20mA inputs

Advanced I/O:
Ethernet (100Mb/s)
USB 2.0

Optional Filter Display Module for visual tracking of multi-chamber baghouse cleaning cycles

Standard Control Unit
(Interface Module)
1 Channel

IP65 Protection Rating

Power: 100-240V AC

Standard I/O:
1x RS-485 (Modbus RTU)
2x Relay outputs (2A @ 250V configurable)
1x 4-20mA output (isolated 500 Ω)
2x Digital inputs (for Plant OFF indication)